Energy prices are at historically high levels. This affects our cost of production and results in surcharges on both inbound and outbound freight. We can no longer continue to absorb these cost increases and are now compelled to institute our own energy surcharge.

This surcharge will be adjustable; tied to the Department of Energy (DOE) average monthly diesel fuel price.

Link to DOE diesel prices:

The DOE average for the month of February, 2023 was $4.41 per gallon. The energy surcharge as of March 10th is $0.007 per MSI.

Adjustments will be made on the 10th of each month, based on the average price for the previous month. This change will be reflected in the Energy Surcharge line on the invoice.

As displayed in the chart below, for every $.50 change in diesel fuel price per gallon, the surcharge will be adjusted by $.0010 (1/10 of a cent) per MSI.

We appreciate your continuing support as we navigate this unprecedented energy situation.


Prior Month’s Department of Energy Diesel Fuel Average Price
Minimum Maximum Energy Surcharge per MSI
$1.75 $2.25 $0.002
$2.26 $2.75 $0.003
$2.76 $3.25 $0.004
$3.26 $3.75 $0.005
$3.76 $4.25 $0.006
$4.26 $4.75 $0.007
$4.76 $5.25 $0.008
$5.26 $5.75 $0.009
$5.76 $6.25 $0.010
$6.26 $6.75 $0.011
$6.76 $7.25 $0.012
$7.26 $7.75 $0.013