We Can Help You Go Green

As consumers increase their environmental awareness they are making more purchasing decisions based on sustainability. EcoVantage™ label materials from Green Bay Packaging help you and your customers create more earth-friendly products and support a better environment.

Hemp Label on Jar

Distinctive and Sustainable

Hemp Paper, made from hemp fiber and post-consumer waste, has a natural look perfect for cannabis labeling and more.

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Sustainable Coated Candle Mockup

Black Paper Can Be Green

Even black paper can be eco-friendly when it is a FSC®-certified grade.

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Sustainable Coated Lotion Label

Thin Saves Time and Money

Thinner face stocks and liners are good for the earth and your wallet.

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Sustainable Coated Champagne Bottle Label

Performance and Sustainability

Labels made with Polar White Barrier Paper maintain their integrity when exposed to moisture.

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Sustainable Coated Bottle Label

Unique Look and Texture

Kona® Light Roast paper is made from used coffee bean bags. The jute fiber makes the paper, and your customer’s product, stand out while also supporting sustainability.

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APR Label Stocks for Plastic Recyclability

To enhance the recyclability of PET and HDPE containers we offer GreenCycle™ pressure-sensitive label stocks that received Critical Guidance Recognition from The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).  GreenCycle materials wash off cleanly from PET and HDPE containers during the recycling process.

GreenCycle Label Materials

Coated Label for FSC Sustainability

FSC®-Certified Papers are Available

Green Bay Packaging is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody (CoC) certified. This gives you and your customers the option of papers sourced from responsibly managed forests.  You can find a copy of our FSC certificate here.

Our FSC® Papers

Sustainable Label Products

With Green Bay Packaging’s sustainable label materials you, and your customer, can create more earth-friendly products, and support a better environment.

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Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Green Bay Packaging has a long history of prioritizing sustainability and using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes to make its products.

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Save the Earth and Landfill Fees

Recycling matrix and liner waste will help you do both. Green Bay Packaging has compiled a directory of companies that are potential outlets for your pressure-sensitive waste.

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