Kona® Label Paper - Something Unique

Make your customers’ packages stand out with labels made from coffee bean bags.  With the slightly rough texture and the noticeable pieces of jute, this paper makes a unique visual statement, and a statement of environmental responsibility.

Kona paper is a 100% recycled post-consumer waste product.  It is a blend of repurposed coffee bean bag fiber combined with post-consumer waste material. Kona paper pressure-sensitive label material is exclusive to Green Bay Packaging.

This paper is perfect for any product related to coffee – labels on bags of beans or ground coffee, labels for food in coffee shops, labels on coffee cups, promotional labels for coffee retailers, etc. 

It’s also a wonderful way of reinforcing its message for any product with an eco-friendly branding, such as organic foods and beverages, and natural beauty products and household cleaners.

In addition, it’s a material with an interesting look and texture.  So any product that would like to stand out on the store shelf would benefit from this label stock.

Green Bay Packaging suggests that you combine this facer with an unbleached liner to make an even more positive impact on the environment.

For samples of the Kona Paper, click here.

Click here to see how Kona Paper is made.

KONA® is a registered trademark of Arch Paper, LLC and is used under license. This KONA® Paper is manufactured under an exclusive license to Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.