It’s Easy to be Greener!

Green Bay Packaging’s thermal imaging paper facers are now Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified.


From weigh scale and pharmacy labels to shipping and warehouse applications, our entire line of direct thermal and thermal transfer papers is now FSC certified.


These are the same products you know. There is no performance risk. No extra cost. No name or item number changes. Just the added sustainability.


Even if your company is not FSC certified, you can still offer a direct thermal or thermal transfer paper that has been sourced from responsibly managed forests. It’s an easy way to be green.


Take a step towards more sustainable business practices. Contact us for a sample, quote, or more information.

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Bright Semi-Gloss for Vivid Inkjet Images

Your customers’ labels will burst with vibrant graphics when you use Green Bay Packaging’s new water-based inkjet compatible semi-gloss paper (SGINK) with a 96% brightness.

SGINK will work with both water-based dye and pigment inkjet presses. It offers a quick-drying top coat designed to give you faster press speeds.

SGINK is available on our TIP trimless program with an all-temp adhesive, 720, and a paper liner. The minimum order is just one slit roll at 2,500’.

For more information, or to receive a sample, send us an email.

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Great Adhesion, Yet Easy to Remove

Green Bay Packaging’s new ultra-removable microsphere adhesive (277) adheres to a wide range of difficult-to-stick-to smooth surfaces, including low-energy plastics, and non-stick coatings.

Yet it removes easily from almost any substrate. It can even be peeled from newspapers without fiber tear.

Designed for short-term labeling applications, 277 is a great choice for promotions, logistics, and pricing.

Because 277 is easy to remove, it can be paired with a wider variety of face stocks, including 054SG (Semi-Gloss) or VALUT (Value Thermal Transfer).

For more information, or to receive a sample, send us an email.

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Hemp Paper: Distinctive and Sustainable

A Natural Look for Cannabis Labeling and More!

Green Bay Packaging’s new Hemp Paper (1HEMP) is a 60# visually unique and sustainable facer, made with 25% hemp and 75% post-consumer waste.

The paper itself is a built-in marketing opportunity. Its hemp content ties it right into the cannabis market, including medical and recreational marijuana and CBD products.

Made with no virgin wood content, this eco-friendly paper is perfect for labeling organic and other natural products like food, health and beauty aids, candles and natural household cleaners.

1HEMP is on our trimless (TIP) program with a one slit roll minimum and next day shipping.

For more information, or to receive a sample, send us an email or visit us on the web.

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GreenCycle™ Label Stocks for PET Recyclability

Increase the recyclability of PET containers with APR Critical Guidance Recognized pressure-sensitive label stocks from Green Bay Packaging

Green Bay Packaging received The Association of Plastic Recyclers’ (APR) Critical Guidance Recognition for two new pressure-sensitive label stocks. These label materials are part of the GreenCycle™ product line.
The two label structures are 1.85 mil clear (018CT) and 2.4 mil white BOPP (024TL) films combined with our polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recyclable adhesive, (776S). These GreenCycle™ label structures completely wash off from PET containers during recycling. This results in a cleaner PET flake for future use in recycled content products, ensuring plastic packaging’s place in a circular economy.

GreenCycle™ labels stocks are available trimless on our TIP program.
For a sample or more information, contact us. Visit us on the web to learn more about The APR Critical Guidance Recognition criteria and PET container recycling.

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GBP is Considered A Critical Manufacturer

Today Wisconsin’s governor issued an executive order shutting down all non-essential businesses. This follows similar orders affecting other states and municipalities.

We want you to know that Green Bay Packaging is considered to be a Critical Manufacturer and will continue to operate. This applies to all our United States coating and slitting locations.

Green Bay Packaging’s products are essential parts of the manufacturing and distribution supply chains for food, healthcare, transportation, and other industries identified by the Department of Homeland Security as “Critical Infrastructure Industries.”

At Green Bay Packaging we take our role as a vital component of these supply chains seriously, and we will carry on our work on behalf of our customers, and the country, during this challenging time.

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TIP Time Change

As we all adapt to the new requirements necessary for safety as a result of the Covid-19 virus, some of our employees are now working from home. Unfortunately, this is resulting in increased lead times for order entry. To address this, starting Monday, March 23, the cut-off time to order from our TIP program will move to 3:00 PM. (Time based on the location from which the shipment originates.)

Although we have made changes in how we are working, we are not changing why we are working – to provide the label materials you need to keep your presses running and your customers satisfied.

Your customer service representative can be reached as usual. Their regular phone numbers are forwarded to their homes, and they have access to their email and usual computer tools. Our manufacturing operations are working hard to fill your orders without interruption.

We regret any inconvenience this order cut-off time change may cause. We value the relationship that we have built with you. And we look forward to continuing to work together, through this unprecedented time, and beyond.

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Green Bay Packaging Named One of America’s Best Midsize Employers

So excited to share that Green Bay Packaging has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s BEST Midsized Employer for 2019! With over 30 nationwide locations with career opportunities in customer service, design, engineering, forestry, leadership, marketing, operations, quality, sales and more, come experience the Green Bay Packaging difference today!

Forbes, Green Bay Packaging, Best Midsize employer,

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It’s Easy to be Greener!

How often do your customers ask you for something “green”?

They may not know exactly what they want, but they do want to be more sustainable. We can help you, help them.

We offer our most popular product, 54# semi-gloss with an all-temp adhesive and 40# liner, on TIP in an FSC-certified format. The item is F54SG/720/40SC. It’s the same blue-white semi-gloss you know, only with an FSC Mix Credit claim, but with no upcharge. No extra cost. No performance risk.

Even if your company is not FSC-certified, you can still offer a paper that has been sourced from responsibly-managed forests. It is an easy way to be green.

F54SG/720/40SC is currently available trimless on our TIP program in Green Bay and Los Angeles.

For a sample or more information, contact us.

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Give Your Customers More, At No Extra Charge to You!

Silver Metalized Paper On Bottle

Silver metalized paper (56MSW), with wet strength, at the same price as our non-wet strength version.

Now you can offer your beverage customers the impact of a mirror-like appearance, without any extra cost. Whether it’s champagne in an ice bucket, or beer in an ice chest, the label will maintain its integrity until the bottles are empty.

And this paper works well for refrigerated products also. Labels on cheese and meat will look as good at home as they did at the store.

56MSW is the one paper for all your metalized needs. And to make it easy to order, it is on our trimless, TIP, program with our 720 all-temperature adhesive, and a 40# liner.

Contact us for samples, or for more information on this dazzling, durable paper.

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