Black Pops!

It also sparkles, glistens, dazzles…and gets noticed.

Deviled Wine Bottle

Make a statement in BLACK.  Black Vellum wine label paper pops every time. Decorate your customers’ wine and beer bottles with an attention-getting label to pull people to the shelf.

Our Black Vellum paper (BKVLM) offers versatile branding opportunities. Whether the goal is elegant, dangerous, rich, or mysterious black always attracts and stands out. Black labels cloak the bottle in an aura to match the beverage within.

Plus, this paper is black through and through. So, there’s no white edge to spoil the bottle’s well-dressed look.  The allure of black grabs more attention than white paper every time.

While this Black Vellum is perfect for printing, it looks great with other decorating techniques too.  Give the labels more visual pop with matte or gloss varnish and foil stamping.  Create a label people want to touch with embossing or debossing.

There are no worries if the beverage needs to stay cool.  Black Vellum is a wet strength paper, which will maintain its integrity in a cooler or an ice bucket.  The labels will look as good at the end of the party as they did at the beginning of the night.

Decorate your customers’ wines and beers with Black Vellum labels.  They will pull consumers to those bottles and move them off the shelf.

See and feel the attraction of Black Vellum. Contact us to request samples.