For Both Ink Jet and Laser Use  Cherries in a Jar Laser Ink Jet

  • 050LJ Super Bright Laser Jet – A 50# exceptionally bright uncoated multi-purpose paper suitable for laser and ink jet applications.
  • R51LJ Recycled Laser Jet – A 50# multi-purpose material for laser and ink jet printing, with a bright, white appearance.  Contains 100% post-consumer waste.
  • MCINK Clear Laser Jet  – A 2.0 Mil frosted polyester film for both laser and ink jet printing.  Becomes invisible when applied to most surfaces.
  • 2WLJP White Laser Jet Polyester – A 3.6 mil matte white polyester multi-purpose sheet for both laser and ink jet printing.


For Ink Jet Use Only

  • 1GINK Gloss Ink Jet Paper – A 59# high gloss ink jet paper that offers high resolution imaging and is perfect for photorealistic prints.
  • 06INK Matte Coated Ink Jet — A 60# matte coated, acid-free, ink jet paper that provides high resolution imaging and excellent smear and water resistance.
  • 06MIJ Premium Coated Matte Ink Jet – A 61# matte coated ink jet paper with good opacity, high resolution imaging, and excellent smear and water resistance.


For Laser Use Only

We offer a range of fluorescent papers. Each color is a 57# matte coated sheet. In addition to laser printing, these papers are designed for price marking, and general roll label applications.


Many of these laser and ink jet materials are available on our trimless TIP program.

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