With Green Bay Packaging’s New Coupon Bases Any Label Converter Can Make Peel-Off Coupons and Membership Cards.

Add promotional products to your offerings with patterned coupon base labels.

These coupon bases allow you to make peel-off promotions on your presses without the need to use valuable print stations for glues and varnishes.

Click on the Image for a Printable Sell Sheet

These structures have patterned adhesives, which give adhesive-free lift edges that make it easy for consumers to peel the coupons.

The dry-release adhesive in these bases yields a consistent release that eliminates pre-dispensing during automatic application, while providing smooth peeling during removal.

These structures are pattern-coated to create the popular credit card sized coupons – 3.375″ x 2.125″.

  • Universal Coupon Pattern/40#  #SC502700 Width – Customizable up to 30″
  • 2-Up Wide Coupon Pattern/40#  #SC510800  Width – 7.5″
  • 2-Up Wide Coupon Pattern/PET  #SC510300  Width – 7.5″
  • 3-Up Narrow Coupon Pattern/40#  #SC510900  Width – 7.375″
  • 3-Up Narrow Coupon Pattern/PET  #SC501300  Width – 7.375″
  • 4-Up Wide Coupon Pattern/40#  #SC502600  Width – 14.75″
  • 4-Up Wide Coupon Pattern/PET  #SC510200  Width – 14.75″
  • 4-Up Narrow Coupon Pattern/40# #SC511000 Width – 9.8125″
  • 4-Up Narrow Coupon Pattern/PET #SC510400 Width – 9.8125″
  • 6-Up Narrow Coupon Pattern/PET #SC510100 Width – 14.75″


Use these coupon bases to help your customers promote their products –

  • Coupons on direct mail pieces
  • Instant redeemable coupons on retail products
  • Membership cards for non-profits, loyalty programs, insurance companies, and other organizations and events


To request samples of our coupon bases, click here.