Clean Removability for Short-Term Labeling

Green Bay Packaging’s dissolvable paper, H2ODP, and dissolvable adhesive, 611, combine to create a pressure-sensitive label that removes cleanly in water. 

The 611 adhesive will stick to, and will wash away from, a variety of substrates including most plastics, stainless steel and glass.

This material is the optimal choice for institutional food service applications.  Date code labels simply rinse away in the dishwasher.  Additional uses include labels for beer kegs, produce totes, work-in-process totes and bins, and other containers that are meant to be washed and reused. 

Dissolvable Label

Dissolvable stock can also be used to identify product components during manufacturing.  A quick wash and the labels will be gone from the finished goods.

In addition, the clean removal properties of this label material aid in the recyclability of glass, plastics, and metal.

The best dissolvable performance is achieved when printed with water-based inks.  It can be flood-coated or printed with line copy.   

H2ODP/611/40SC is available on our TIP program with a one roll minimum and next day shipping.